EHP Version: 01.02.00 - 20 Jul 2009

  • Set Up – Initial Set Up: Added a new horse “mob” in addition to the “group”. The group and as well as the mob is shown on the tasks grid
  • Set Up – Horse Mgmt: Special menu under setup where you can select horses (tick boxes) and then move them to a new group/mob
  • Set Up – Notes: You may set up the final clinical selection to automatically trigger: a) Automatic deletion of future pre-designated tasks looking up to “x” days forward b) Automatic addition of future pre-designated tasks if required
  • Tasks – Clinical Notes: Ability to “bulk update” several horses with same clinical notes (tick boxes now exist in the tasks page to select horses) – typical use would be if you were to drench a whole bunch of horses – all would have the details updated in one shot. A mouse roll-over is available on the top of the screen to show all horses involved in the clinical notes
  • Tasks – Clinical Notes: A mouse roll-over has been added to show horse owner details for quick access to this information
  • Tasks – Task View: Ability to tick off several horses and then mark them all as “finished”
  • Tasks: Integration with SKYPE so that owner can be called up using the internet connection by simply clicking on the phone number under contact details
  • Health Plan: Ability to create “bulk health plans” for several horses using the same template. Typical use would be creating starting health plans for a bunch of mares at the beginning of a breeding season
  • Set Up: Vets and studs will have their own sets of groups, mobs, tasks, templates, notes which they can decide the accessibility by each party
  • Tasks – Task View: Took out unnecessary icons from the task grid view
  • Tasks – Clinical Notes: Redesigned the notes taking screen to show a full-wide area for “Key Information”
  • When adding new future tasks, the drop down list now shows all horses as requested

EHP Version: 01.01.11 - 19 Feb 2009


  • Set Up - Tasks - Base/Standard:  A new grid component with filtering and better layout is available now. You can type in the task name in the text box at the top of the column and press enter to filter the task list. Click "Edit"/"Add new record" to edit/insert a task.
  • Set Up - Tasks - Base/Standard:  You will be asked to save HTML content as a template if you create a new one or edit an existing one. If you click "OK" (save the new HTML as a template) it will be saved under "My HTML" / "Modified Content", otherwise it will be a one-off content which can't be selected from the "My HTML" list in future. Also, the sponsor's content is now "read-only" so that the original content is distributed as per the Sponsor's specification.
  • Skin:  We have changed the skin of the website as well as the colour combination of the application. A new logo has also been designed and integrated to the skin colour scheme.
EHP Version: 01.01.10 - 22 Jan 2009


  • Set Up - Task Instructions:  The interface is now more user-friendly. You can now view sponsor’s HTML & video instructions as well as your own ones. You can also design your own content in this section.
EHP Version: 01.01.09 - 19 Jan 2009
  • Set Up - Default - Default Range:  When recording clinical notes, it may sometimes be necessary to either delete or modify future task(s) due to certain clinical observations. An option allows listing of such future tasks in the clinical note-taking page for editing/deletion. For comprehensive health plans, listing all future tasks several months ahead may not always be necessary or relevant. This option allows the user to set how many days forward to look at as a default value on that screen.
  • Tasks- Notes:  You can now edit / delete future tasks (in a number of days forward) under the "Notes" section.


  • Set Up - Initial Set Up:  Removed the "Base Tasks" & "Standard Tasks" menu.
  • Set Up - Task Instructions:  You can now view sponsor’s HTML & video instructions or design your own content in this section.
  • Set Up - Tasks:  Contains the "Base Tasks" & "Standard Tasks" menu. You can now attach task instructions or product information in full HTML format as well as video clips for the selected task.
EHP Version: 01.01.08 - 22 Dec 2008


  • Set Up - Default - Safety Net: When adding a new task Under the "Tasks" menu, all health plans are available in the pick list. In a large equine stud environment where groups of mares are continually brought in each day for serving and scanning, it can sometimes become difficult to keep tabs on ones that have not been seen for some time due to potential errors in adding an appropriate future call-back task. Rather than to clutter the pick list and show a Last Seen (LS) date for every horse, this option allows the user to nominate a threshold which then only "highlights" plans/horses where the last completed task was outside this period. This is called a "Safety Net".

EHP Version: 01.01.07 - 17 Dec 2008


  • Page Header: Now displays the clinic logo and name on the top of the page once users login
  • Notes: It will not mark the task as Finished if you click on the "Exit" button, unless you have saved the notes prior to selecting "Exit" (as compared to "Save & Exit")
  • Health Plan: The notes entered in Health Plan grid will be transferred to Clinic Notes
  • Health Plan: Improved the the plan task grid views - some columns adjusted/removed
  • Set Up - My HTML: Fixed a bug when saving the HTML on the editor
EHP Version: 01.01.06 - 10 Dec 2008

  • Set Up: Now allows the clinic to add their own HTML & Video content under "Set Up"
  • Set Up: Added the ability to view reminder email templates under "Defaults" (content fixed by Sponsor)
  • System: Auto refresh code written to keep the current sessions alive until logged out
  • Tasks: Pick list now shows all plans when adding a new task (alphabetical)
  • Tasks: HTML and Video Icons are greyed out if a task doesn't have any instructions
  • Tasks: Now has default start date for search as 01 August (Start of Season)
  • Notes: Fixed the "Key Information" saving issue when using Firefox
  • Notes: Now marks a task as Finished automatically after taking clinical notes (Question removed)
  • Notes: Now displays the current task name (top of screen) when writing clinical notes
  • Notes: Now shows the previous two histories automatically when taking the clinical notes
  • History - By Horse Owner: Defaults to email address of the selected owner
  • Set Up: Added "Go" a button in the "Stud Info" section for better performance
  • Set Up: Now shows all horses that an owner owns in the "Existing Stud" section

EHP Version: 01.01.05 - 27 Nov 2008

  • Tasks: Some check function on the task management under both "Tasks" and "Health Plan" sections
  • Health Plans: changed some button layout to make the interface more user friendly

EHP Version: 01.01.04 - 24 Nov 2008

  • Home: Added the number of plans used in the Home Page
  • Tasks: Added view HTML and Video instructions in the task list under "Tasks"
  • Health Plans: Added HTML and Video instructions to tasks under "Health Plans"
  • Set Up: Added HTML and Video instructions to tasks under "Set Up"
  • Tasks: Replaced link buttons in the grid under "Tasks"